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Gina M August 07, 2013 1 FAQs / The answers

Congratulations on owning the perfect companion, the PlayMG!

STOP! If you're the parent, we suggest you let your child set up their PlayMG - IT'S HALF THE FUN!

Parents should sign up for the SpendSmart card and for Family Collaboration (using their email address)

Now that you have taken the PlayMG out of the box, to get the maximum amount of fun, please follow these steps:


1.Sign up for the SpendSmart reloadable/prepaid MasterCard debit card (you will see a SpendSmart card in the box however this is NOT a real card, you will have to sign up for the card here: spendsmart.playmg.com  PlayMG will match the first $10.00 you put on the card giving you $20.00 to have fun with! (you can even sign up before your receive your PlayMG and be ahead of the game!)

When your card arrives in the mail, enter the number into the Family Collaboration app to see your balance, then into Google Play™ to buy more games.

then visit www.billmyparents.com/activate and enter your card number and your parent's email address.

2.Set up your PlayMG with your Gmail address be careful not to use your parents Gmail address because their email will display on your PlayMG.

3.Parents should set up the Family Collaboration app by entering and verifying their email address and set up a password.

  • Give the PlayMG a name to distinguish it from other PlayMGs in the same household
  • Check the box to opt in for weekly emails
  • Accept Terms and Conditions

4.Lift the flap above the SpendSmart card and you will find your SD card, open the back of the MG to insert your SD card for additional storage

5.You will see 4 instruction cards adjacent to the SD card, please take out the cards and read the front and back of each card.

6. Set up WiFi

7.Have fun!

Remember to keep your PlayMG running with the most current software and to do that you will want to check for software updates!

Now you can explore your PlayMG! Open each app and play more game! Be sure to check weekly on Kyrie and Olivia's favorite picks! Open and play all their recommended apps - THEY KNOW FUN! 




Team PlayMG November 03, 2012 FAQs / The answers

We call it the "Pinch".  Simultaneously press and hold the brightness button and the volume down button for 10 seconds.  This will fully power off your MG.  Then simply press the power on button for a full 10 seconds and you should be good to go.(Make sure you are not charging the MG at the same time you are administering the "Pinch".) Keep in mind, you will need to restart your MG from time to time, just like with computers and smartphones! 

Don't worry - you won't lose your information!